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I cried making this

Satan is that you

AU: Being Ashton’s girlfriend and going on tour with him. Requested by Anonymous.



AU: Ashton talks about your first kiss in an interview.

I’m not okay

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Zayn is the type of boyfriend that would constantly play music loudly just to annoy you cause he thinks it’s adorable & the type of boyfriend that would try to make you always do art with him

Louis is the type of boyfriend that would tickle you & pull funny faces when you try to keep a straight face

Liam’s the type of boyfriend who would playfully toss you onto his shoulder & surprise you with kisses

Niall’s the type of boyfriend that would sing you to sleep every night or allow you just lay with him all night & have pointless conversations along with stupid jokes just because he loves to hear you laugh.

Harry would be that boyfriend that would tell you corny jokes when your sad , just to make you laugh even if it is at him or would just hug you tightly & whisper how absolutely beautiful you are , until you fell asleep

Liam: Niall what are you doing?
Harry: waiting for Y/N
Niall: ** places hand on Harry's shoulder** mate Y/N died two years ago..
Harry: no she didn't, she promised she'd meet me here
**Liam & Niall look at each other**
Harry: S-she promised... Y/N doesn't break her promises

I don’t think you guys realize how amazing you all are. Sure , we all have imperfections but does that really matter? That makes you & you shouldn’t change that. I mean I constantly am trying to change myself & I know that this won’t change your thoughts on this but I may not know you , but I know your worth fighting for

How Harry proposes to me

Harry: Y/N?
Me: Yes, love?
Harry: I don't really like you last name...
Me: What ? Why? What's wrong with it?
Harry: I dunno , it's need more style to it
Me: Well I'm sorry that not everyone's last name can be Styles , now can it- haha ahh I see what you did there!
Me: Wait...
Me: Harry..
Me: Did you just propose to me?